Republic of Letters

I remember when I was first starting AmplifySD (the now defunct internet radio station that played only San Diego bands 24/7).  There was this one band that sent me a bunch of magnetic letters and a few stickers and their EP, Spirit of a Ghost.  I was pretty impressed by their haunting melodies and thoughtful lyrics. I have been a fan ever since. Thursday night they played at the House of Blues in San Diego, and I just happened to have my camera with me. This is the result.

IMG_0090 copy.jpgIMG_0082 copy.jpgIMG_0107 copy.jpgIMG_0114 copy.jpgIMG_0088 copy.jpgIMG_0096 copy.jpgIMG_0109 copy.jpgIMG_0118 copy.jpgIMG_0124.jpgIMG_0156.jpg


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