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When all the tourists go home

Solana Beach Winter

Click to enlarge: Solana Beach Winter

Winter is upon us and even if we are not used to the overnight low of 43 degrees, you have to admit that having the sun here for most of this winter has been really nice. Great shooting weather. This is Solana Beach. Guess you don’t need a lifeguard when there is not a soul in the water.

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Balboa Park Tower

The California Tower in Balboa Park was built for the 1915 Panama Exposition. Before Panama Exposition the 1500 acres was know as City Park.

The California Tower - Balboa Park, San Diego

The California Tower - Balboa Park, San Diego

The Tower still stands today as a true landmark San Diegans can be proud of, even though she needs a face lift every once in a while.

This photograph was taken in late December, and really looks amazing as a canvas print.

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Dave, Jen & family

I really love delivering photographs to my clients. Here are some of the final images they picked for gifts and to adorn their wall. It is an honor to know something you have created will become a family treasure.


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Francisco, Michelle & family


Thanks to Michelle and Francisco for trusting me with their family photos.

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Josh and Jonna ~ Engagement photo

Josh and Jonna ~ Click to enlarge

Josh and Jonna ~ Click to enlarge

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of shooting and engaged couple up at Palomar Mountain. I have to admit, the hike almost killed me. I had about 50 pounds of equipment on my back and a heavy tripod and light stand. After a two mile hike, we entered a clearing to our destination. What a great place to take a photo, and it was the place they had spent some time together at the beginning of their relationship. So, it was only fitting that their engagement photo be taken here. It was a haul, but it was worth it.

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Photoshop Pinup; Before and After

I Don’t usually do a ton of photoshop work on an image. But one in particular, I thought, needed to be shopped a bit. OK, A LOT. The model was stunning, but in a pool FILLED with people. It happened at Tiki Oasis where there was no way you could ask 50 people to get out of the water for about 5 minutes. I was able to capture the final moment when Nikki Napalm was finally able to get up on the barely inflated raft after struggling not to get her hair or makeup wet. She succeeded and this was the moment I grabbed. Enjoy the before and after. Um, yes…   I did add her foot.

Nikki Napalm, before

Nikki Napalm, before

Nikki Napalm, after

Nikki Napalm, after

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Tiki Oasis 2011 ~ Sunday Photo Gallery

I think my pores are oozing pure rum. What a great time. Thanks to all our new friends. Please keep in touch. Click on the photo for a full Sunday photo gallery….

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Tiki Oasis 2011 ~ Saturday

Click on the photo to go to the full gallery…

What can you say other than a TON of Mai Tais are being consumed. I will expect to have more photos up tomorrow.

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Photo Illustration – San Diego Comic-Con 2011

I was asked to put this together for an unnamed magazine that ended up not using it. So why not stick it up here, right? The Con this year attracted at least 125,000 people. Most in costume. I usually shoot a large photo gallery, but this years assignment from The Daily, focused on 360 degree interactive panoramas. 

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San Diego Comic-Con 2011

The Con has begun, and it is bigger than ever. It was so hard getting around today. Add two cameras, a backpack filled with gear a huge tripod and about 20 miles of walking and that equals one tired soul. Some 360 interactive photos I did for The Daily in New York should be up soon (check their blog) And I saw an old buddy from high school who is now drawing the Dark Night Comic book. All in all, great day. Damn my feet hurt. KAHHHHHN! Oh, I mean, CON!

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