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Strangers who look like twins: ‘I’m Not a Look-Alike’- slideshow – slide – 1 –

Photographer, Francois Brunelle spent 12 years finding and capturing portraits of people who have no relation, yet look like twins.

Im Not a Look-Alike!The pairs in these images are not twins – or even related. Instead, theyre strangers that Canadian photographer Francois Brunelle photographed together: a project called “Im Not a Look-Alike!” He spent 12 years tracking down people with eerily similar features.Pictured here: Marcel Stepanoff, Ludovic Maillard

See more of his work at the link below…

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Francisco, Michelle & family


Thanks to Michelle and Francisco for trusting me with their family photos.

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Josh and Jonna ~ Engagement photo

Josh and Jonna ~ Click to enlarge

Josh and Jonna ~ Click to enlarge

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of shooting and engaged couple up at Palomar Mountain. I have to admit, the hike almost killed me. I had about 50 pounds of equipment on my back and a heavy tripod and light stand. After a two mile hike, we entered a clearing to our destination. What a great place to take a photo, and it was the place they had spent some time together at the beginning of their relationship. So, it was only fitting that their engagement photo be taken here. It was a haul, but it was worth it.

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Photoshop Pinup; Before and After

I Don’t usually do a ton of photoshop work on an image. But one in particular, I thought, needed to be shopped a bit. OK, A LOT. The model was stunning, but in a pool FILLED with people. It happened at Tiki Oasis where there was no way you could ask 50 people to get out of the water for about 5 minutes. I was able to capture the final moment when Nikki Napalm was finally able to get up on the barely inflated raft after struggling not to get her hair or makeup wet. She succeeded and this was the moment I grabbed. Enjoy the before and after. Um, yes…   I did add her foot.

Nikki Napalm, before

Nikki Napalm, before

Nikki Napalm, after

Nikki Napalm, after

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Tiki Oasis 2011 ~ Sunday Photo Gallery

I think my pores are oozing pure rum. What a great time. Thanks to all our new friends. Please keep in touch. Click on the photo for a full Sunday photo gallery….

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Tiki Oasis 2011 ~ Saturday

Click on the photo to go to the full gallery…

What can you say other than a TON of Mai Tais are being consumed. I will expect to have more photos up tomorrow.

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Republic of Letters

I remember when I was first starting AmplifySD (the now defunct internet radio station that played only San Diego bands 24/7).  There was this one band that sent me a bunch of magnetic letters and a few stickers and their EP, Spirit of a Ghost.  I was pretty impressed by their haunting melodies and thoughtful lyrics. I have been a fan ever since. Thursday night they played at the House of Blues in San Diego, and I just happened to have my camera with me. This is the result.

IMG_0090 copy.jpgIMG_0082 copy.jpgIMG_0107 copy.jpgIMG_0114 copy.jpgIMG_0088 copy.jpgIMG_0096 copy.jpgIMG_0109 copy.jpgIMG_0118 copy.jpgIMG_0124.jpgIMG_0156.jpg


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Rob Crow sings for Stimy

Rob Crow - Sub Society

Rob Crow - Sub Society

We all know there is no replacing Stimy. This photo to me shows the emotion of the night that celebrated the life of Michael Steinman. Rob Crow did a great job honoring the fallen musician I called my friend.

I have a ton of photos from the night. I had posted them in their own gallery, raw and unedited, to get them up as soon as possible. I have had a chance to go back and edit the photos. I will be uploading some of my favorites one by one.

I will never forget the very special person Stimy was. His music inspired me and his friendship was personal and cherished.

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Falling or Floating

Falling or Floating

Falling or Floating

I decided I needed a new self-portrait.

You see, self-portraits are what you get when a photographer can’t get anybody to pose for them.

I decided on a different approach for this photo.  I wanted to get an image that would look like I was floating, or falling, depending on how you look at it. And YES, I am really in this photo.

How did I do it?  I’m not telling.

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Jamie WMDee King

Jamie WMDee King

I was looking through some photographs I took a couple years ago. This one stood out as one I needed to work on and post ASAP.

This is WMDee of the San Diego Derby Dolls fame. I hear she is still involved in the league, but not skating anymore in matches.

I just love this shot. I was getting some great shots and she was up for anything. So was really sweet and tough at the same time and I wanted to show that in the photo. So I asked her to smear her lipstick across her face. BAM! here is the result.

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