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Last Night in Paradise

Key Largo Sunset

Key Largo Sunset

We will be back in San Diego tomorrow. For tonight we are enjoying our last sunset in Key Largo.

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Jamie WMDee King

Jamie WMDee King

I was looking through some photographs I took a couple years ago. This one stood out as one I needed to work on and post ASAP.

This is WMDee of the San Diego Derby Dolls fame. I hear she is still involved in the league, but not skating anymore in matches.

I just love this shot. I was getting some great shots and she was up for anything. So was really sweet and tough at the same time and I wanted to show that in the photo. So I asked her to smear her lipstick across her face. BAM! here is the result.

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Ikea Lamp

Crazy Swedes

Crazy Swedes

I love this crazy light. Only 90 bucks. I am sure it is REALLY EASY to put together.

Really, what is the deal with Ikea. you need a engineering degree to be able to figure out what pieces to get and how they all go together. There is no way you can only make one trip and have all the pieces you need.

Sorry for the rant. I am heading back to Ikea.

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The Coronado Bridge at night

The Coronado Bridge at Night

The Coronado Bridge at Night

Just a quick post. Here is an image of the Coronado Bridge. The city is trying to get it lit at night.

The project must be environmentally-friendly lighting concept.

This should have been done YEARS ago. And when it is, you can be sure I will be out to update this photo.

You can find more information about the project at the Port of San Diego’s website.

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After all, I am a San Diego Photographer

San Diego Skyline

A new shot of San Diego

So I thought it only fitting, for my first post on my new and improved website, to revisit a shot I have done several times through the years.

I took a photo similar to this new one about 8 years ago, when digital cameras had not quite caught up to film. There definitely are still some differences with the two formats. There is a lot of noise in digital formats. I guess an old school shooter would call it grain.

Anyway… New website, new photo of the San Diego skyline. Of course the web being what it is, a ton of detail is

skyline detail

skyline detail

lost, so I also included a detail shot.

I think it turned out pretty nicely. Maybe I will put it on canvas in a large format and sell it.

What do you think?


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